With the support of Marin County residents, Measure C passed with 70.8% voter approval throughout Marin County. This historic wildfire prevention measure will fund proactive state-of-the-art wildfire prevention and preparedness efforts in Marin for the next ten years. Thank you for supporting Measure C!

The MWPA was formed to develop and implement a comprehensive wildfire prevention and emergency preparedness plan throughout almost all of Marin County. Key elements of this program include: 


1. Vegetation Management 

  • Through multiple strategies (work crews, goats, contractors and machinery) the MWPA will fund efforts to reduce fuels and help to ensure that we are implementing the most cost-effective practices for fuel reduction on an ongoing basis.


2. Wildfire Detection

& Evacuation Program Improvements 

  • The MWPA will implement safety measures that will improve early wildfire detection, warning and alerts as well as improve disaster evacuation routes for organized evacuation.


3. Grants

  • The MWPA will provide a local grant program ensuring residents with access and functional needs, seniors, and financially disadvantaged reduce fire risk of their properties and the greater surrounding community.

  • The MWPA will also seek grants and leverage local investments for wildfire prevention and disaster preparedness programs.


4. Public Education 

  • The MWPA will provide expert information and assistance to help the public reduce the risk, prevent wildfires and be prepared for potential disaster.

  • Additionally, the MWPA will support FIRESafe MARIN community outreach efforts


5. Defensible Space Evaluations

  • Funding will be allocated to expand and enhance defensible space home evaluations to ensure homes meet fire and building codes, as well as education to reduce the vulnerability of a home.

  • This work could be done by the JPA with a shared service model or by the responsible fire agency.


6. Local Wildfire Prevention Mitigation 

  • The MWPA will provide local funding to JPA members for specific local wildfire mitigation needs specific to their service area. 

Mission Statement


mwpa member agencies

​Bolinas Fire District 

City of Larkspur

​City of Mill Valley

​City of San Rafael

​County of Marin

Inverness Public Utility District

​Kentfield Fire Protection District

​Marinwood Community Services District

​Muir Beach Community Services District 

​Novato Fire Protection District 

Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District

Southern Marin Fire Protection District

Stinson Beach Fire Protection District

​Town of Corte Madera

​Town of Fairfax

​Town of Ross

​Town of San Anselmo​

Boundary of service area

Joint Powers Authority Area

P.O. Box 4248, San Rafael, CA 94913 ▪ info@marinwildfire.org • (415) 539-MWPA (6972)

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