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With the support of Marin County residents, Measure C passed with 70.8% voter approval throughout Marin County. This historic wildfire prevention measure will fund proactive state-of-the-art wildfire prevention and preparedness efforts in Marin for the next ten years. Thank you for supporting Measure C!

The MWPA was formed to develop and implement a comprehensive wildfire prevention and emergency preparedness plan throughout almost all of Marin County. Key elements of this program include: 


1. Vegetation Management 

  • Through multiple strategies (work crews, goats, contractors and machinery) the MWPA will fund efforts to reduce fuels and help to ensure that we are implementing the most cost-effective practices for fuel reduction on an ongoing basis.


2. Wildfire Detection

& Evacuation Program Improvements 

  • The MWPA will implement safety measures that will improve early wildfire detection, warning and alerts as well as improve disaster evacuation routes for organized evacuation.


3. Grants

  • The MWPA will provide a local grant program ensuring residents with access and functional needs, seniors, and financially disadvantaged reduce fire risk of their properties and the greater surrounding community.

  • The MWPA will also seek grants and leverage local investments for wildfire prevention and disaster preparedness programs.


4. Public Education 

  • The MWPA will provide expert information and assistance to help the public reduce the risk, prevent wildfires and be prepared for potential disaster.

  • Additionally, the MWPA will support FIRESafe MARIN community outreach efforts


5. Defensible Space Evaluations

  • Funding will be allocated to expand and enhance defensible space home evaluations to ensure homes meet fire and building codes, as well as education to reduce the vulnerability of a home.

  • This work could be done by the JPA with a shared service model or by the responsible fire agency.


6. Local Wildfire Prevention Mitigation 

  • The MWPA will provide local funding to JPA members for specific local wildfire mitigation needs specific to their service area. 


Ecologically Sound Practices Partnership (ESP) 

The ESP Partnership is a collaboration between the fire authorities and climate and environmental organizations of Marin to mitigate the risk of wildfires wisely. The coalition will work as advisors to the fire professionals, defining best practices to guide the implementation of the wildfire prevention plans and offering expertise and recommendations on specific projects. 


This partnership highlights the talent within our own community and the importance of working together to achieve common goals in extraordinary ways. The ESP Partnership allows a forum to:

  • provide expertise about ecologically sound best practices; 

  • bring questions, concerns and solutions to the table;

  • coordinate communication with the fire professionals;

  • reduce redundancy of efforts;

  • develop solutions across areas of expertise.

Vision Statement

Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority communities are informed, prepared, fire adapted, resilient and capable of withstanding a major fire limiting loss of life and major property damage while protecting our rich environmental diversity.

Mission Statement

The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority leads the development of fire adapted communities using sound scientific, financial, programmatic, ecological practices, vegetation management, community education, evacuation and warning systems with the support of its member and partner agencies.

mwpa member agencies

​Bolinas Fire District 

City of Larkspur

​City of Mill Valley

​City of San Rafael

​County of Marin

Inverness Public Utility District

​Kentfield Fire Protection District

​Marinwood Community Services District

​Muir Beach Community Services District 

​Novato Fire Protection District 

Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District

Southern Marin Fire Protection District

Stinson Beach Fire Protection District

​Town of Corte Madera

​Town of Fairfax

​Town of Ross

​Town of San Anselmo​

Boundary of service area

Joint Powers Authority Area