Ecologically Sound Practices (ESP) Partnership

The ESP Partnership is a collaboration between the fire authorities and climate and environmental organizations of Marin to mitigate the risk of wildfires. The coalition works as advisors to the fire professionals, defining best environmental practices to guide the implementation of the wildfire prevention plans and offering expertise and recommendations on specific projects. It serves as a community resource. It is guided by a Steering Committee and has formed three subject matter committees who are currently meeting.

ESP Partnership Agencies

ESP Meeting Schedule

RSVP to all meetings at espwildfires@gmail.com

1. Vegetation Management and Habitat Protection: This group focuses on developing best management practices for fuel reduction projects in wildlands, provides subject matter expertise for project development, and environmental regulatory compliance.

2. Carbon Resource Management: This group is developing best management practices for reducing carbon emissions and sequestrating carbon; and for managing green waste and other issues related to conserving carbon.  A biomass recovery study endorsed by Drawdown: Marin is an ESP project.

Carbon Resource Management Topics

3. Defensible Space for Ecological Benefit Committee: This team focuses on providing best practices and ecological messages related to defensible space with target audiences including general public, residents, landscape professionals, and defensible space inspectors.

Sound Practices