Executive officer

At the Board of Directors’ direction, the individual in this position has the dual responsibility of serving as the Authority’s public agency administrator and the leader/manager of a newly created innovative organization with diverse programmatic, environmental and managerial duties, and who also supervises staff and contractors and engages with the community members/organizations who comprise the organization’s constituencies.

Executive Officer Position Description


The recruitment for the position of Planning and Program Manager has closed.  


Under the Executive Officer’s direction, the individual in this position plans and manages the Authority’s operational and environmental services programs; oversees the preparation of and review of environmental documents; coordinates environmental planning and regulation compliance activities with the Authority’s jurisdictions, consultants, contract service providers and other city, district, regional, and state agencies; coordinates environmental review functions, including monitoring California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) compliance and assists with other environmental, planning and land management activities; and performs other duties as assigned.

Planning & Program Manager Position Description