operations committee

The Operations Committee is composed of agency staff from each of the MWPA member agencies. The Operations Committee is responsible for creating a recommended annual budget as well as the recommended annual work plan. Representatives on the Operations Committee should be a balance of executive/administrative and fire expertise individuals.


2020 – 2021 Operations Committee Members

Bolinas Fire District — George Krakauer

City of Larkspur — Dan Schwarz

City of Mill Valley — Chris Tubbs

City of San Rafael — Jim Schutz

Corte Madera — Todd Cusimano

County of Marin Fire — Jason Weber

Inverness Fire District — Jim Fox

Kentfield Fire District — Mark Pomi

Marinwood CSD — Eric Dreikosen

Muir Beach CSD — Chris Gove


Novato Fire District — Bill Tyler

Sleepy Hollow Fire District — Rich Shortall

Southern Marin Fire District — Chris Tubbs

Stinson Beach Fire District — Kenny Stevens

Town of Corte Madera — Todd Cusimano

Town of Fairfax — Garret Toy

Town of Ross — Joe Chinn

Town of San Anselmo — Dave Donery​

Voting Procedures

For all votes conducted by the Operations Committee, a proposed motion subject to vote passes when both of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • A majority of the Operations Committee present vote in favor of a motion;

  • The Operations Committee present and voting in favor of a motion represent, in the aggregate, according to the then latest general census, over 50% of the population represented by the Member agencies present in the quorum.

All voting will be calculated through this MWPA Master Voting Spreadsheet. As roll is called for a vote, a “Y” is placed in the attendance column. The columns will then insert that Town/City/District population, according to the latest general census, and count the number of attendees to determine the number needed for 50% plus one of those present and > 50% of the population by those present.

Meeting Schedule

September 24, 2020 – 3pm


Operations Committee Meeting Packet


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June 4, 2020 – 3pm


Operations Committee Meeting Packet


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May 14, 2020 – 3pm 


Operations Committee Meeting Packet 


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April 30, 2020 – 3pm 


Operations Committee Meeting Packet 



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