City of Novato Open Space/ California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Biological Services

The purpose of this scope of work is for a designated environmental consulting firm to provide CEQA and biological services for the Novato Fire Protection District (NFPD) in support of the MWPA Program to perform pre-planning for fuel abatement work at selected sites throughout the NFPD jurisdiction. The NFPD has 29 sites for which they want to obtain environmental assessments to enable various treatments for wildfire hazard reduction to occur. The work will proceed in two phases.

The first phase relates to baseline data collection and coordination of work required during 2021. The firm will gather and publish baseline data for all 29 City of Novato owned open space parcel sites and make that data available to the NFPD in an online format. Based on that baseline data, the firm will work with the NFPD to identify 5 priority sites for fire fuel management in 2021. Those five highest priority sites will have Rapid Biological Resources Assessment (RBRA) reports and CEQA Categorical Exemptions prepared in 2021/2022.  For the RBRAs, field verification and pre-construction surveys will be included to verify that proposed fuel reduction treatments would not result in significant impacts to biological resources pursuant to Appendix G, Section IV of the State CEQA Guidelines.  

The second phase relates to longer term planning for fire fuel management at these 29 sites and others that the NFPD may manage in the future. The goal of Phase 2 is to provide a framework for programmatic coverage of NFPD fire management activities to avoid the need to obtain project level CEQA and permitting clearance for all activities every year. The firm will work with the NFPD to prepare an outline of a long range plan to implement, monitor, and evaluate treatment outcomes for fire fuel reduction sites, and recommend a CEQA strategy. 


Online map containing baseline ecological and landscape data relevant to fire fuel management; Rapid Biological Resource Assessment Reports (5 sites); Recommended sites for 2022 treatments; Pre-activity Surveys and Reports; CEQA Categorical Exemptions.


Scoping document for treatment implementation plan; CEQA strategy memorandum



Approval Meeting


CEQA Documentation



Novato Zone
Marin wild fire projects

Type Of Project

Defensible Space Evaluations

Lead Agency

Novato Fire District
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