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advisory/technical committee

The Advisory/Technical Committee works with the Operations Committee and provides expert advice and recommendations regarding how MWPA programs are developed and implemented. The Advisory/Technical Committee is comprised of one technical staff member from each MWPA agency. Agencies and entities such as Marin County towns or cities that are not a MWPA member, Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD), Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD), National Park Service, State Parks, and FIRESafe MARIN may be invited to participate as at-large, non-voting Advisory/Technical Committee members. In addition, relevant Marin County land management agencies, private companies and community organizations may be invited to also participate as at-large, non-voting members.


2020 – 2021 Advisory/Technical Committee Members

Bolinas Fire District: Steve Marcotte

City of Mill Valley: Fred Hilliard

City of San Rafael: Quinn Gardner

City of Larkspur: Ruben Martin

County of Marin Fire: Jordan Reeser

Inverness Fire District: TBD

Kentfield Fire District: Larry Pasero

Marinwood CSD: Quinn Gardner

Muir Beach CSD: David Taylor

Novato Fire District: Lynn Osgood

Sleepy Hollow Fire District: John Hanley

Southern Marin Fire District: Fred Hilliard

Stinson Beach Fire District: Jesse Peri

Town of Corte Madera: Todd Lando

Town of Fairfax: Ray Mortitz

Town of Ross: Rob Bastionon

Town of San Anselmo: Sean Condry