Elected & Appointed Officials

Per SECTION 4 of the JPA – Board of Directors 

a. the Authority will be governed by a Board of Directors comprising elected leaders from each Member to ensure that wildfire programs and resources are directed to areas of greatest need and opportunity for community benefit. 


Directors of the MWPA are selected or assigned by the individual Member organizations of the MWPA. Directors are not compensated by the MWPA for their participation on this board. 

Administrative Officials

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public records

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revenue sources

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Citizens’ Oversight Committee

The Board of Directors will create a Citizens’ Oversight Committee. The Citizens’ Oversight Committee will review Authority spending on an annual basis following the report from the Treasurer. After review of the previous year’s work program and the financial audit, the Citizens’ Oversight Committee will adopt a report describing the extent to which the funds have been spent consistent with the tax measure and provide feedback to the Board of Directors. 


  • Taxpayer Group - Kingston Cole

  • Environmental Group - Larry Minikes

  • Civic Group - Stephen Keese

  • Fire Prevention Group - Lucy Dilworth

  • Novato Area - Rebecca Suggs

  • San Rafael Area - Pat Randolph

  • Central Marin Area - Larry Chu

  • Southern Marin Area - Max Perrey

  • West Marin Area - Carolyn Longstreth