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Highlights Reel: MWPA 2021-22 Accomplishments

June 21, 2022

From June 7-9, 2022, Fire Safe Marin and MWPA presented 5 community workshops via Zoom. These workshops were led by Fire Safe Marin and fire mitigation specialists to describe 2021-22 MWPA wildfire prevention and preparedness accomplishments by region. Residents had an opportunity to learn how their MWPA tax dollars are working for them and ask questions.

There are plenty of noteworthy accomplishments including:

• $1.487 million distributed in matching grants for the Novato region

• Planning for a 38-mile-long shaded fuel break along 1,700 parcels in Central Marin

• 11-12 LRAD sirens installed in Southern Marin by the end of 2022

• 12,252 defensible space and home hardening evaluations in San Rafael

• Environmental compliance ready to begin evacuation route clearing in West Marin

Workshops by region are available on Fire Safe Marin's youtube channel with links below.

Highlights reel of all 5 regions

West Marin

Southern Marin

San Rafael


Central Marin

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