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MWPA's member agencies conduct Wildfire Defensible Space and Home Hardening Evaluations for properties in Marin's Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas. 

In 2021, the Central Marin MWPA Zone will "beta test" an online reporting tool to better inform residents of requirements, hazards, and suggested mitigation measures identified by inspectors.  


Inspectors from the MWPA and your local fire department will inspect properties to evaluate whether homes meet wildland-urban interface "WUI" defensible space, vegetation management, and construction standards. Residents then receive a comprehensive, online report that includes recommendations for improving their home’s ability to survive a wildfire. This evaluation may also determine if the property meets state and local requirements for defensible space. Residents can choose to accompany the inspectors during the home evaluation, however, this is not required. 

Follow up inspections may occur after 30 days. Some issues identified may be required by law and must be corrected. In some cases, failure to correct these issues may result in abatement and/or liens. Enforcement actions, if necessary, are the responsibility of your fire department's Fire Prevention Bureau, not the MWPA.

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