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Marin Valley Goat Grazing Evacuation Project

This project meets the core MWPA goals ofimproving vegetation management by reducing combustible plants, dead &downed trees, and vegetation to reduce the risk of fire intensity and improveresident wildfire preparedness knowledge. This project focuses on reducingflammable vegetation (fuels) and enhancing defensible space around the MarinValley Mobile Country Club senior community in southern Novato. Using goats tograze fuels, this project seeks to maintain an existing fuel break 100’ fromthe 313 mobile home units, as well as 10’ on both sides of fire roads in thecommunity. It will enhance defensible space surrounding these structures bycreating a shaded fuel break. Treatment within non-native annual grasslandcommunities will be limited to goat grazing and/or manual removal of dead woodyvegetation, and removal of low-lying shrubs and common coyote brush to reducethe risk of fire spread and intensity. No healthy, mature, scenic trees will beremoved under this project. In-person home evaluations will be performed toeducate homeowners on mitigation efforts to reduce fire intensity and spread,such as removing highly flammable vegetation near homes. These efforts willalso improve the capacity to fight fire effectively.   
Phase1: Environmental Assessment.
Phase2. Based on findings from environmental assessment, either file an NOE orcontinue   with a full CEQA Review.
Phase3. Complete bird nesting surveys before work is implemented.
Phase 4.Document program with before and after photos


Planning Phase

Approval Meeting


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Shaded/ Non-shaded Fuel Break

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