Defensible Space Evaluation and Inspection Software Development

This iOS based software, already in development, will be used by the Greater Ross Valley Fire Agencies to:

1. Improve the efficiency of data collection during defensible space evaluations/inspections

2. Improve the ability to communicate defensible space and home hardening deficiencies

3. Improve communication to property owners and residents regarding recommended and required corrective actions

4. Integrate other MWPA programs such as "Chipper Days" to leverage defensible space inspections as a tool to improve participation and reduce hazardous vegetation

5. Improve the ability to collect and analyze actionable data for future wildfire hazard assessment and hazard and risk modeling

6. Provide verified data on the success of MWPA programs in reducing community risk.

The resulting tool should be offered and available to all MWPA member agencies, and its use would be encouraged, but not required, for documentation and communication of defensible space and home hardening inspections and evaluations.


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Defensible Space Evaluations

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