China Camp LRAD Emergency Notification System

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) emergency alert systems can project both siren and voice recordings to alert and inform community members during a large-scale disaster. LRAD systems are highly effective in communicating warnings, instructions, and notifications throughout incident sites and over vast areas during life-threatening events.

The purpose of the project is to install an LRAD in highly populated areas of China Camp State Park. China Camp was selected based on limited cell service and the large influx of visitors who are unlikely to be signed up to receive local emergency alerts. The campgrounds within China Camp is an area of high risk given the history of wildfires and permitted open flames surrounded by open space. The project includes both the installation and monthly testing of the devices.


Approval Meeting

CEQA Documentation


San Rafael
Marin wild fire projects

Project Type

Alert and Warning Systems

Lead Agency

City of San Rafael
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