Red Flag Safety Signs

This project includes hinged signs with ability to change message

Fire Safe Marin collaborated with multiple Marin agencies to design and create a standardized Red Flag Warning signs. Twenty large flip signs were fabricated and distributed to the MWPA zones on a pro-rata basis for installation on major roadways. When open these signs display the highly visible message “Red FlagWarning Today.” When closed, the signs allow insertion of various public safety messages.

FSM also produced and distributed 25 A-frame Red Flag warning signs to Firewise communities. Additionally, a template was created for a new Red Flag Warning sign that allows them to be easily attached to existing Firewise neighborhood signs.

All participating fire agencies and non-governmental agencies (Firewise sites, Homeowner’s Associations, etc.) will only display Red Flag Warning Signs when directed to do so by the Marin County Fire Chiefs. Watch this video to learn more about Red Flag Warning Days.



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