San Rafael Education & Outreach Programs

Evacuation maps produced as part of the Evacuation Information Outreach Project.

San Rafael Educational Landscaping (2022-23 Work Plan). The City of San Rafael proposes installing firescape demonstration gardens that will serve as an educational resource for homeowners. The project entails installing firescape demonstration gardens on City owned property located in targeted areas that are both highly visible and highly trafficked. The landscapes will integrate Fire Wise concepts and incorporate educational kiosks. This project will educate and inform residents on the importance and beauty of fire adapted landscaping at places they already frequent.

San Rafael Public Education, Outreach and Engagement (2022-23 Work Plan). The purpose of the project is to develop culturally appropriate safety and preparedness messaging and properly distribute through effective channels. This project will integrate supporting audience-based outreach models thus relying on a combination of outreach methods to deliver services, enhance skills and knowledge, and raise awareness that are tailored to the specific audience(s).

Evacuation Information Outreach (2021-22 Work Plan). The project includes printing and mailing neighborhood evacuation maps, as well as digital resources, evacuation drills, equipment distribution, and community outreach.


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San Rafael
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Public Education

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City of San Rafael
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