Mill Valley Sheltered Fuel Break

The community of Mill Valley

The objective of this project is to establish and maintain defensible space zones along the perimeter of the City of Mill Valley residential hillside communities in the high fire danger zones. While the fuel type and load varies, much of this zone currently has large accumulations of tall brush, dense stands of unmaintained trees, and/or non-native species such as Scotch and French Broom. Due to the steep slopes throughout this area, any fire starts would rapidly escalate. Fire suppression would be challenging due to narrow roads, heavy fuel types, steep slopes, and south facing aspects. The heavy fuels, steep slopes, and south facing aspect of the selected zones provide criteria to establish a shaded fuel break within 150 feet of all structures in accordance with local regulations.



Approval Meeting

December 16, 2021

CEQA Documentation

Notice of Exemption/Supporting Memo/Project Map
Notice of Exemption/Supporting Memo/Project Map


Southern Marin
Marin wild fire projects

Type Of Project

Shaded/ Non-shaded Fuel Break

Lead Agency

Marin County Open Space District
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