Throckmorton Ridge Evacuation Route Vegetation Management

Example of vegetation management along roadways

This project includes vegetation management adjacent to 6.8 miles of roads to enhance ingress and egress of emergency vehicles and residents during a wildfire emergency along evacuation routes and other roadways in the Throckmorton Ridge Community. Project activities target invasive vegetation, dead and down woody debris, and other fire hazardous vegetation while seeking to retain healthy native plant communities. The community is entirely located within a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone. It is critical to support this community in creating safe evacuation routes as well as improving equipment ingress. This is a partnership project with the Inverness Ridge Association who will be supporting the project through funding and additional labor to assist with notification and outreach. Environmental compliance for this project is complete and implementation/maintenance is ongoing.

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Approval Meeting

August 18, 2022

CEQA Documentation

Notice of Exemption/Supporting Memo/Project Map
Notice of Exemption/Supporting Memo/Project Map


Southern Marin
Marin wild fire projects

Project Type

Vegetation Management

Lead Agency

Marin County Fire
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