Greater Ross Valley Shaded Fuel Break Planning Project

Example of a shaded fuelbreak

This project is a collaboration of the Greater Ross Valley fire agencies (Marin County Fire Department, Ross Valley Fire Department, Kentfield Fire Protection District, and Central Marin Fire Department) and includes mapping, modeling, project design, collaboration with potential partner agencies, public outreach and community meetings, field surveys, and environmental compliance for a shaded fuel break that would be located directly adjacent to communities in the Greater Ross Valley. This project would reduce fire risk to several WUI communities and thousands of residents while improving forest and ecosystem health by reducing non-native plant cover. Future years would include phased implementation of recommended vegetation management activities along the shaded fuel break.


Planning Phase

Approval Meeting

Approved with Work Plan

CEQA Documentation



Central Marin
Marin wild fire projects

Type Of Project

Shaded/ Non-shaded Fuel Break

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