Greater Ross Valley Shaded Fuel Break Planning Project

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This project is a collaboration of the Greater Ross Valley fire agencies (Marin County Fire Department, Ross Valley Fire Department, Kentfield Fire Protection District, and Central Marin Fire Department) and includes mapping, modeling, project design, collaboration with potential partner agencies, public outreach and community meetings, field surveys, and environmental compliance for a shaded fuel break that would be located directly adjacent to communities in the Greater Ross Valley. This project would reduce fire risk to several WUI communities and thousands of residents while improving forest and ecosystem health by reducing non-native plant cover. Future years would include phased implementation of recommended vegetation management activities along the shaded fuel break.

PUBLIC MEETING (3/10/22): 

The MWPA and participating member agencies hosted a public meeting on March 10, 2022 to share information about the Greater Ross Valley Shaded Fuel Break Project:

Topics included:

• A description of the project and its goals and objectives

• Fuels management methods and monitoring

• California Vegetation Treatment Program (CalVTP) environmental review process

Public Meeting Announcement

Meeting Agenda

Main Presentation Slides

Breakout Room 1 Slides: Vegetation Treatments

Breakout Room 2 Slides: Methods and Modeling

Breakout Room 3 Slides: Environmental Resources and Compliance Process

Video: Main Presentation and Breakout Room 1 (all 3 sessions)

Video: Breakout Room 2 (all 3 sessions)

Video: Breakout Room 3 (all 3 sessions)

To receive info regarding future project meetings, please send an email to:


Draft Project Area Maps (updated 3/10/22)

To view the project area spatially, click on this link: Overview KMZ to open up a KMZ file. This file is viewable using Google Earth and allows the user to navigate and zoom into different parts of the project area. Note that the Overview KMZ shows the shaded fuel break as 300 feet wide, although typically fuel and forest health restoration treatments would occur within a 200-foot-wide zone. To install Google Earth please follow these instructions.

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Funds for planning and environmental compliance were approved with FY 21-22 Work Plan

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